In-game disconnects and lag-spikes

Since the new patch was launched(past few weeks) i have been experiencing in game disconnects (especially the last few days nearing clash) and many many lag spikes. My internet connection is stable ,my initial reaction to this problem was to check it. I tried switching my connection, visited a friend's house, used my phone as a hotspot but the problems insisted. I noticed during a 5 man ranked flex game , that me and 2 of my teammates (based in Greece) got an in game disconnect but the other 2 players of my team(based in Bulgaria) had no disconnect at all. I do realise that new patches, especially map-altering ones, bring a lot of problems with them so im trying to be patient but all of these problems are postponed with discriminatory means and apathy from Riot's stand. I want to hear to what Riot has to say about the issues. Its only natural, issues will appear but we have to know that you acknowledge them but i guess you are preoccupied with the launch of new skins.
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