A better way to learn league of legends is needed

A friend of mine wanted to play league. He was just as all the others (for me and other friends that also played league). They didnt get a sht about what happend, what champions they played and what items they had to buy. And i tink i know the problem to solve this. More information. And i dont mean the story about the items but no abbreviations every time. Even I and I know most of you also did didnt know what the MS means or AD or AP in the beginning. If that is the only thing you you dont get it. They have to explain more what items, passive and abylities does. If you are a beginner this is so hard to understand and even more if you are not so good at english (like me). I would like to see and explain page in league. Not on the website but just in the game (the homepage). Dont get me wrong mayby you did get it fast but for some people it didnt. Also the runes is still hard to understand if you dont know what words mean and in what way.

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