High ping and packet loss to the Riot Games server

Hi guys, I am a LoL player living in India. Since EUW is the closest mostly English speaking server, I decided to make my account here. Today, I've noticed large packet loss and double the ping I normally encounter. "Normal" ping values for me vary from about 160 to 180 so anything above those values tell me there's an issue with either my local network (Modem, routers, computers), my ISP, routing or the Riot Games server itself. I did a tracert recently (About 10 minutes ago) and while I don't know much about networks, I think the issues start with IP which only responded to a ping on the 3rd try (Please do note that the failed ping in the 4th hop is an anomaly). It's not like that IP is the only issue, there are other IPs like or which are causing problems too. I have hidden my ISP and computer name for privacy. As you can see, my ping is ultimately turning out to be anywhere from 370 to 400 ping which is extremely unplayable. The tracert link: http://imgur.com/lgA6xPr Any help would be appreciated. I've already tried restarting my internet equipment and my laptop (Alienware 15 R2 in case that is relevant in any way). Thank you.
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