Why this game uses more PC resources more than its requirements?

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So, I just started playing this game today, When I used MSI afterburner to monitor PC resources usage, I found out that the game uses more than 60% of my CPU which is Core i5 4590 3.30 GHz (3.70 GHz turbo speed Quad core) and it was also using more than 4.5 Gigabytes of my RAM which is 8 GB ram DDR3 1600 MHz, Also it was using about 57% of my GPU which is AMD RX 570 4 GB VRAM GDDR5, My PC specs are like 2.5 times above the game recommended requirements, so why does it use more than half of my PC resources? Note: I have disabled monitoring windows PC resources usage so the MSI afterburner could only detect the game`s usage. Also go take a look at the game`s requirements.
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