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https://imgur.com/KzHPJMw Why did it need to be changed? It was perfectly fine the way it was. Aside from the bug that it says I have Level 0 on Level 7 champions: - The pictures are unnecessarily big - The thing that indicates who I've earned chests with is way less noticable than it used to be - Instead of seeing 28 champions, now you only see 15 champions - Why is it necessary to write "Level 7" and stuff there when the icon clearly indicates the level? I legit don't see the reason they made these changes. It has 0 advantage over the older one, but has tons of disadvantages. One thing they could've done is show the mastery points instead of "Level 7", that would make it somewhat less bad. I don't usually rant about what Riot's doing, but I really see 0 reason to have this over the old one, it's way less efficient. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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