why is Riot OK with smurfs?

i just finished a ranked B3 game with Shyvana and got wrecked - to say it nice. The opponent played Noctume and was 20/0/4 on minute 20. All other had min. 4-5 D till that moment (except me of course - 2/7/1). He knew every time was. The thing I don't get is, why is Riot letting these "Platin+" Smurf in Bronze and Silver?? I created an account about one year ago and of course from the start had my troubles. So I started watching streams and practicing, climbing from B5 to B3. Please don't come with "... this is the way you learn.." - we all know that's BS. It's very HARD to enter any game that is been going on for some years. This Game is salty and toxic af. How can this be fun for anyone starting to play?
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