How do I get the Watch'em reward? I'm logged in and watched, nothing happened...

I have watched KT vs TL live yesterday and EDG vs MAD just now via while being logged in with my account (the one I'm posting with on the Boards right now). On it still says I haven't watched a game yet. I am watching the 8 hour long "live broadcast", yesterday night the opening ceremony and TL vs KT truly live as I said, then I paused the video and went to sleep, after attending my real life I resumed the broadcast an hour ago and watched EDG vs MAD and I'm now continuing with the other games from day 1 (pls don't spoiler me). But still no watch'em reward... Do I have to watch a game via the specific game's VOD or what's the deal here? Because even though I'm not watching live right now I like to watch the analyst desk stuff too, therefore I always watch the whole thing. Oh and there's a j:null EU West showing on the rewards page, does that mean anything bad? Null pointers are usually bad, so much I have learned^^

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