Forced Username change

Seriously why do I need to change my username now after I used the same since 2010! This is not ok. Yes I get that Riot are creating more games and that the Riot Account is for all of theyr games but why can´t we just keep the names that we had before? It worked in the LoR previews so why have it forcibly changed now. I logged in yesterday and there was nothing. I log in today and guess what. My name is gone. Atleast give people some time to confirm theyr names instead of just taking it away! This may seem like not that big of a deal but I really liked my name and having that taken away after over 9 years is a %%%% move. Not to mention the amounts of time I will have a failed log in attempt because of it. Yes all small problems but unnessessary ones. And one look on Reddit already proved I am not the only one annoyed at this!
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