My team and the enemy suddenly getting our game process terminated!??!? (ranked)

Just got out of a game where everything was normal, 6-6 in kills. anyones game, then suddenly, my game crashed. "strange" i thought, my game has not crashed in years... i reconnect and cant even get out of the fountain until i crash again. i notice that two teamates are also standing still in the fountain. I reconnect once again and notice the map is empty of enemies aswell even tho 3 of the guys in our team are "afk". I quickly type in /all "you guys crashing aswell?" "yes wth rito". Crash again. I ask my duo, he is crashing aswell. So, 3 guys of our own team and 2 of the enemy are down for the count. the game ends, they win... free push, in the statistics we are branded as leavers. lost LP. The message you got when the game went down went something like "The process had to be terminated, there might be a third party program causing this" wtf... not a bugsplat or a crash report where you could send in a log. Anyone else experienced this?

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