League client stuck on authenticating...

When I try to login first it gets stuck at authenticating for couple of minutes and when i login everything is slow, if i try to join a game it would be 5 minutes of loading and its just soo unplayable. Any sort of help would be appreciated! Edit: Changed the server to NA everything is perfect there.. Edit: It's been like that for 6 hours riot havent done or said anything yet. Edit: Whatever it is some people doesnt have it and it's really unfair so whatever RIOT have done this night (because everything was fine yesterday) they should undo it. Edit: 17 hours later a wrenchman finally came for the rescue. ~~~~ •Its unplayable •Mtel(Mobitel) •Bulgaria •https://pastebin.com/9KimpwSD •https://pastebin.com/LvYYRxE2 •https://pastebin.com/yWWFAuex -EUNE Tracert •https://pastebin.com/kR5Hkm00 -EUW Tracert ~~~~ *Tried the RIOTer suggestion to change my DNS but it was unsuccessful.. Edit: It's getting better ,the authenitication is almost normal, the client is still a little laggy. The champions are now visible, had no problem making a custom game. In game no problems whatsoever! Edit: Played a normal game bunch of lag spikes and I was sitting on 46 ms the whole game. After the game ended it said that there is no connection. -It might be something i've done. Edit: Client now works perfectly fine ,but ingame is just a whole another story LAG SPIKES every 25 seconds the game freezes auto atacks are invisible its really unplayable at that point... Edit: Everything broke again all those problems are back the authentication, the client lag ,no connection to the client, invisible champions which leads to penalties ,have no idea whats the issue but it's bad.. Edit: UPDATE! ---> [HERE](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/9aupEmoP-23-06-17-issues-with-bulgaria-and-surrounding-regions) Edit: I thinks its Resolved boys everything works fine. Edit: RIOT HAVE DONE IT AGAIN !!! AFTER BEING FIXED THEY ARE LIKE NONO WE ARE GOING BACK TO THE BEGINNING! -Everything that had happend before its like that now. I have no idea whats up with ur servers are you doing this just to piss the community ,it's the most annoying thing.
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