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Once again, as a UPC customer, I can't login to EUNE servers. Connecting to EUW works without any issues. Just letting you know if someone else has the same problem. Hopefully someone resolves this soon, because it's really annoying. I've transfered my main account back to EUNE, yet I can't even play. // edit1: now the client returns a different error: "The login server did not respond....". Weird. // edit2: now I'm connected to EUNE, we'll see how long that works *xCillion Note/s: Ninjaing Duckarps Post (that i turned into a mega messy thread sry man..) to leave this here for better visibilty:* (Riot comment about the Issues in This thread.) UPDATE: > [{quoted}](name=Bark Wahlberg,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=VHN6mZMH,comment-id=009e,timestamp=2015-09-27T23:56:33.981+0000) > > Looks like the maintenance is wrapping up or should be over by now. Anyone able to confirm they can log in?
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