Riot Vs Her Players

Well hello there, my name is Mike or PainShotGG inside the league recently i got permanently banned from league of legends cause of my ''offensive language and toxic behaviour'' I would like to express my feelings about this company called Riot. First of all i believe that they don't know or if you want they don't consider our effort our time and money we are putting to this game ... i know that offensive language and etc is probably the worst thing is every game cause maybe can ruin your mood or who knows what else alright i can understand that BUT i believe that if someone triggering you to flame him and being offensive on him than you need to have at least some point ... in that case take me as a fact ... My mother and my father have both died from cancer .. and i am 100% true .. i can not stand if someone in this game at some point tell me ''cancer to your family'' or '' i hope your mom die , dad die , anyone of yours die'' that is outrageous that moment i can not keep my anger inside of me BUT riot permanently banned ME instead of the one who is starting the whole situation.. Riot permanently banned me without even considering for a moment my 6 years inside the league my money investigation in this game my effort my hours daily playing this game OR at least my memories inside this account or my friends who are not all from the next building and i can not remember all of them to just create a new account and add them again ... Think about that for a moment grew up orphan with my little brother i worked hard i got my own even small house then instead of eating with those money i invested them inside the league to purchase a skin for a champion of mine of to pick something else so i can enjoy better the league ... cause league was washing away my bad thoughts and generally was making my mood ... all that untill the moment that some brainless human being came up to me cause i made a bad gank or cause i don't have enough farm for his Criteria or for some other for him impotand yet stupid reason and wish death to my family and cancer and etc YEAH i know that i can mute him BUT for once again its not about the mute i dont care if hi will keep harassing me i care for than one moment he wished death to me or to my family and more importand this really serious virus who is taking million of lives every years lets not mention my parents called cancer. So i can not stay still and just mute him its my people those who raised me i can not stand some brainless kid behind his pc harassing them its not right .. and so i answer AND I AM GETTING PERMANENT SUSPENDED.. This ''candy'' called permanent ban needs to stop if the problem is on chat to someone then permanently ban his chat so he can not talk but only play if the player is a troller or using some kind of a hack like scripting etc THEN permanently ban him THAT IS THE RIGHT. My account was 6 years old with more than 300 euros spent on while my yearly payment is 600 and my electricity and water and for the house billings are getting over 1000 euros and lets forget about these numbers called money this account had hundreds or friends and MILLIONS of memories those are things that even if i want can not buy.. I hope you can see my point ..
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