Account hacked and now banned need advice

This morning when I woke up i noticed I have 'n email from riot saying I have been banned. I then try to log in to my leage account and it told me then I have been banned for scripting and been perma ban. I have never scripted or played with hacks on any online games hell I haven't even receive n single punishment in my life in online gaming soo this confused me. I went to leage of legends website to submit n ticket and when I logged on I noticed my ingame name had changed I looked at my match history and I notice there 8 more games played in aram after I logged of yesterday my last game I played was with rakan on summonersrift. Soo my question is what are my chances of getting my acount unbanned and have anyone experienced the same problem as I have? The acount is 8+ years old I have unlocked all the champs and have tone of blue essence and over 100+ skin is euw server and I had the same ingame name from day 1 "Deathbyninja" . I have submitted 'n ticket to riot still waiting for 'n response its been 7 hours how long do they take normally to respond?
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