How can i get my main account out from TR server?

it was created at EUW, then at the free transfer to eune put there for the ping, when me and my friend were having a LAN party i had to go to the bathroom and told him to wait for me. well, he transferred our acc to tr server so we'd get freelo. (which is half true looking at turkish cant absolutely play not racist) well i tried to just go with it, i managed to make into english language but people there dont speak english, rage constanly, troll is they dont get their lanes, there's so much, didnt happend to me at EUW/NE so pls riot, i'm asking to get some rp to transfer my account. and if you make a free transfer from turk to EU dont keep it for long, i'm sure nobody wants them on eu servers. i know that i might seem racist but trust me, i'm not.
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