League dropping my wifi

Here's the skinny. For some reason, whenever League of Legends is open (both the client and the game) there is a chance my internet will drop out. This only happens on the PC that is running League and it happens at semi random intervals (it's normally only down for a couple of minutes then it's back to being happy and healthy) every other system in my house is connected to the internet fine it's only the PC with league running that drops. When i troubleshoot the wifi it resets the wifi 3 adapter and it fixes stating that the connection to the default gateway was fixed. This only happens when league is open, I've tested with various other applications over several days. A friend is also having the same issue (we live in the same area but different homes and internet providers). I've changed my DNS from to, disabled ipv6, reinstalled all of my drivers (then installed a driver fixer) ran the hextech repair tool, tired restarting everything several times, changed configuration to 802.11g from dual band, unchecked "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" in advanced settings, made sure to update windows and disabled my firewall, the issue still persists. If anyone else has had a similar issue feel free to bump. Basically running out of things to try (other than reinstalling the client) any advice is welcome. The thing that is confusing me is that my friend has the same issue and it's only ever when the client is open so I know it's not a router/weather/provider issue. If anyone needs logs I can hunt them down, just need to know what logs people want to see lol. Thanks in advance if anyone can help. P.S. This issue has only really started popping up since TFT appeared, not sure if that's relevant. And my ping is consistently low and does not change when the drop happens.
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