Riot locked me out of my own account due to "suspicious activity"

So after playing urf's like 5 days ago, i wake up in the morning and i see my account have been locked, funny isn't it? Well i would say it's depressing since I have been spamming games 120 ranked and around 50 urfs this season ALL games have been played from my computer and only from me and suddenly as i said above riot decided to lock my account, not exact reason at all, so i went forward and made a support request on their platform, after i sent the first message it took them 2 days to answer, yes 2 days, meantime I'm sitting in master tier and when challenger comes out I will decay, so they respond to me with the classic form that i need to answer 10 million questions when i created my account 4 years ago, i procceded and answered all t he questions as better as i could, best thing they replied to me after 2 days again, so in total 4 days waiting for my account to get unlocked, after i get their reply 2 days later they said " the information is not enough" and they sent me a new template of questions that i need to answer and i need to remember like i said 4 years ago, my first purchases etc. , quiet sad. Anyhow 5 days have passed yet no answer my account remain locked, i lost 1 weekend so far trying to solve things out yet no answers and it keeps getting better!:) P.s I hope none of you have to go thru this proccess cause its really reallly frustrating, cause not only I have real life issues going on i have to deal with RIOT support on daily basis waiting for answers every 2 years.
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