Refund my accounts

I have 3 accounts. I want to be reimbursed for all 3 of everything that was spent on the accounts. I have been punished several times because of your pathetic excuse for a justice system. I get told to kill my self. I have even been threatened to which someone was demanding my contact information. I tell these people to shut tup or to stop trolling yet your justice system gives me chat bans. How about you stop using an automated review system and look into these yourselves. For a company of your scale you should at least give a damn about your consumers. Reimburse all 3 of my acc's. remove every impeachment on the accounts as well. Also your matchmaking system is flawed you put myself with low tier morons that threaten people. I was in g5 at one point against plat 3's whilst my team were silver. How dumb are you as a company? this game is not fun. this game stopped being fun when you messed with the runes. Zoe is a bs champ. way too much damage. eve way too much damage. Rengar again way too much damage. Hecarim way too much damage. why would you create champions that can literally 1 shot the enemy team no matter what. Your balance team all need to be fired. they are all idiots. this is a game. people play it for fun but your sadistic little brains remove that concept. WHO GIVES A SHIT WHAT THE PRO PLAYERS DO! not all of are pro players so why do we have to be made to do what they do? you make it impossible to climb. the match making is %%%%ed. the teams are always unbalance. the champions are either extremely overpowered and a %%%%%% with one arm can win a 1v5 with them or you get stuck with the out of "so called %%%%ing meta" pick which does literally %%%% all because you nerfed them to oblivion for no reason. Seriously fire your balance staff. they're useless at the job.
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