Patch 8.4 Issues

Hello there. I havent played much league lately, because now i have a job and it consumes me a lot of time.. Anyway, since patch 8.4, some weird things have been happening. I just want to state that i already tryed to repair League but the problem is still there. 1) Sometimes when im playing, there is a bug with the sound of the announcer, i dont know how to explain it, but sometimes the sound gets lower for maybe 1 second and then it returns to its normal volume.. Have anyone experienced this? 2) FPS... I have a very powerfull computer, i think i dont need to share my PC Specs, but since this last patch, i dont know guys.. There are a very weird FPS Drop in a lot of ocasions, and im not happy with it at all.. I heard riot will release big patches on 8.5 and 8.10... Could they once for all release just a patch concerning Performance? I hope this get fixed.
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