Account banned for 3rd party applications, but i never used some.

Hi, my name here on the board is Thresh Ò Lantern, an old nick that i had long time ago. I just have my nickname now, CloudSquire III. Story: (same as Ticket) Hi guys. I've recently have been permanently banned. This thing shocked me, because I never received even a restriction. I always have been a serious player, i never cheated and a week ago i finally reached my "impossible objective", Diamond V. Yesterday, I've been out for all the whole day, and when i came back and tried to log-in to League as i usually did, the message appeard. Also, a week ago, within reaching Diamond V, i re-started streaming, so games are registred (here you can watch my games: and you can clearly see that the ban it's a mistake. I never cheated on this game, in 5 years i've always been a polite player. I would like to gently ask if you maybe think to change your decision, because, as i already said (and linked) there are proofs that i NEVER used cheats. If you really think so that i cheated, please, I would like a demonstration of me scripting (like a game replay or whatever) and what kind of script did I use. This is so sad, i just don't understand, If this case is not gonna be resolved, i'll surely quit League of Legends, because this thing made me so upset and make my humor drop so down, i never flamed, never, never cheated... It's not a good reward, you know... As i said in the ticket, I would like to understand WHY did I got banned. My last games even sucked, i lost 6 games in a row with an horrible score before getting banned. They said that their systems works fine and I have no doubts, but I think that they can fail too, i don’t know, i just used OBS and Spotify recently, nothing strange... Posting here because maybe an human can surely analyze my case much better then a bot, and maybe understand that this is a mistake. Sorry for my personal twitch link too, I really didn’t want to spam it but videos are the only proof i have in my hands. Thank you.
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