Can't reconnect because of an error.

After the champion select in the loading screen this pops up: Hitting No or Cancel closes the window and gives you the option to try and reconnect. Hitting Yes gives you this: I've tried Restarting the launcher, the computer and the router, reinstalled the game, played around with the firewall. Nothing worked. This is an issue that I've encountered in the past, came out of nowhere and it went away on its own. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, just started the game as usual and wasn't able to connect. This is extremely frustrating because I know that 9 other people wasted their time and some of them probably reported me and why wouldn't they, it's not their problem that I didn't connect, but for me it's different since I had nothing to do with this because it's a technical issue. And there will be a penalty for that, kinda unfair, Any tips on how to solve this would be appreciated. Thank you. Edit: As expected my account was reported, thank you riot for not helping me deal with YOUR errors.
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