You have any weird lag spikes!!? UPVOTE & COMMENT

Hello guys we all or a lot have the same problem but we need to get one thread with a lot of upvotes and comments to be noticed so all you want to do is upvote and type im from "your country" and have this problem Thank you **THE PROBLEM IS We have a very good ping until we spawn then after some seconds maximum until the minions spawns we got a rocket high lag, THE PING IS PLAYBLE LIKE 130-200 BUT WE EVEN CANT PLAY WITH IT All we can do is running around and cant do anything or see what is happening around "IF YOU JUST HAVE LAG SPIKES AND CAN PLAY SO ITS NOT THE SAME PROBLEM"** Things i tried to fix the problem but nothing works 1- restart my pc an rauter 2- scan for viruses and malywares 3- followed all the steps on connection troubleshoot thread "port forward, packet lose check, change DNS" nothing works PS: no packet lose and no problem at the ping 4- reinstall the game and the operation system "windows 7" "worked for 1 day" 5- try another PC and a whole different ISP 6- try to use VPN "this is the only solution that seems to work sometimes" 7- Tried the amazing new tool by the Wrenchman "Multitool DEV" that show great ping to the server but a lot of packet lose So your upvote and comment will help Thanks
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