I got hacked.

My account got hacked and sent what I think to everyone on my friendlist a link that states that I'm currently in Tribunal, it also states that I will get "VAC-banned" which literally stands for Valve Anti Cheating. VALVE! The link sends you to the "official" league site which is actually a copy and it asks you to write in your league information. If a Rioter reads this I can tell you that it wasn't me and if you see a change in IP it means that it was someone else. I would never steal someone else's account. Besides, I was at my mother for the week and I do not have access to a computer usable for league and therefor I couldn't have been online, even if I'd been on my phone I wouldn't have done it. You can look at my match history that I've not played a single game for a week and you can see that for a very long period. I changed my password but I do not how long it will take for them to get my information again and I do not know how they got it in the first place. EDIT: It seems like I was not hacked, someone somehow got my login information. Since since I changed my password nothing has happened. But, now someone on my friendslist sent the exact same message as someone did on my account. I never sent it to him, so it might be another "hack wave"
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