"unable to connect the server. please check your network connection and attemp to reconnect to... "

So I've been having this issue for now quite a while, where from time to time, in periods, I just cannot launch a game of lol without getting this message, and so I'm basically unable to play at all, even offline, just with the practice tool. I've already contacted Riot's support, who fixed the problem once, but it appeared again, disappeared, reappeared, again and again. I'm getting very tired of this happening especially when I try to go in ranked and I just a get free defeat, and even more so now because I just bought the Trials Pass and I'm unable to play and earn tokens. Another important thing to note is that I no longer have the RADS file in my lol location and I find it very weird, that might just be the problem, but I don't know how to make this file appear without being able to launch even just one game. Here's what I did when I contacted Riot's support : - Everything on this link : https://support.riotgames.com/hc/articles/204134104 - Using the Hextech Repair Tool - Completely deactivating the firewall to check if it was the issue - Deactivate the fullscreen optimisation - Deactivate the game bar or the xbox live thingy I can't remember Here's what I've already tried and that I remember : - Reinstalling - This video : - Download a game booster like wtfast, it didn't even work in the first place - Tried to allow everything on the firewall Thank you in advance to anyone that can try to help, if there is any info I can or should give tell me, because I'm getting sick of this issue and at this point it has even made me lose time, lp and money with the pass I just bought

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