Another problem today.

Ok I get it, it's hard not to have problems but why the problems are only on EUNE server...I haven't seen such a problem on EUW server or NA server...but when people lose ranked games cause of a problem's fault you have to give the lp back to them! Today I got demoted because my bot lane was afk -but on the other team the players weren't lagging- and I lose 3 ranks cause of I find it right to give me the lp I lost back -not only my lp, to give back the lp on every player that lost it because of that problem- but when we sent you requests on the player support we get an answer, like : No we cant give you the lp that you lost because the system is created like that... . To conclude, I believe that we have to take the lp back that we lost cause of a problem from you, riot games and that if these problems occur 2-3 times a week you will lose player/customers because they wont be able to buy rp to transfer so you have to make an option that enable's us to transfer our account to EUW for free...

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