Reporting Connection Issues - Please include this information!

Hey everyone! The internet is a tricky place, and while we're putting a lot of effort into making things better with our Riot Direct backbone - there's still times where ISP's or even occasionally Riot Direct may experience issues, causing connection problems. When reporting issues, please provide the following information: - What region you're playing on (EUW/EUNE) - Your Country and ISP - What your latency/ping normally is - When the issue began - Is it all day, or just during certain times of the day, that you experience issues? - Download [winmtr]( and run this for at least 300-500 packets to the following hosts: **Client Issues: (IE: Champ select, login, etc.)** EUNE: EUW: **Ingame Issues: (High ping, jumpy characters with no FPS issues)** EUW: EUNE:, Note: Please do both EUNE ones, and at separate times. Please post and include this information, so we can help you as best we can. Thanks!

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