LoL slowly becomes unplayable

I dont know what happens to LoL. The game slowly becomes umplayable. This nonstop patches destroy even technical part of the game. Recent experience in LoL 1. Remake every 2nd-3rd game 2. Client crashes every 2-3 game at loading screen it is not problem you can reconnect but now after crashing client begins reparing process... wtf Rito you even dont give me a chance to recconnect. OFC lossing rating OFC than i need wait for 20 min to find game casue of crashing by YOUR fault not mine. GJ GJ 3. Yestraday enemy team agreed to reamake with FIVE votes yes. Absurd. I think dragon was afk. This is the worst season ever, meta mess, technical promlems, remakes remakes remakes cause people cant load the game. Even new scoreboard layout... WTF i am on top poisiotion in scoreboard. Everything was ok top was top jungle second than mid adc and support why do this shit little changes id your client is unstable garbage now?
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