IFS System

Hey Summoners , Greetings ! So Recently Something Caught My Attention I've Been Playing Since ( April 3rd , 2018 ) And We All Had Our Moments When We Don't Know The Rules Of The Game And Do Something That May Lead To A Warning Or Such As A Leaving Buster First Warning , Then There Is The Chat Restriction's Followed By Some More Chat Restrictions , Then A 14 Days Temp-Ban , Then Finally Permanent Ban. I've Been Through A lot In The Game As Any Other Player , We Might Be Toxic In A Way That We May Not Notice It , But Riot And Other Players May See It In That Way , Either In Ranked Or In Normal Games Such As ( Draft , Blind Pick ) . So What I've Noticed That If You Got 2 Or 3 Chat Restrictions Your Reports ( Never/No Longer ) Go Through To Riot Whenever You Report Someone , Now Everyone Is Going To Say Nah That's Not True That's Just A Myth ... Well Here's How I Found Out : * 1. I Had My Main Account That Received 2 Chat Restriction's Because I Said ( Your 0/14 Feeding Ashe Player , Please Go Afk And Stop Ruining The Game For Us ) Which Got Me Chat Restricted & Which Cased My Account To No Longer Receive Any Kind Of Feedback's On ( Toxic/ Flamer's / Feeding / Afk 'Rage Quit' Players ) When I Report Them ( Keep In Mind My First Chat Restriction Was Around New Year 2019 ) Till Today 6/5/2019 None Of My Reports Had Any Kind Of Feedback's When Reporting Someone , But If They Report You Whoever Your Trying To Report Will Get You Chat Restriction For Any Tiny Or Small Reason That Riot May See As An Offence To Other Player's. * 2. I Tried My Other Account That I Made Just To Test Other Champions Which I Don't Use In My Main Account And Don't Have Enough Blue Essence To Buy Them So Anyway Back To The Point , I Used It To Report Toxic Player Who Legit Was Cursing At My Parents And At Everyone Else Because He Was A Jungler With No Smite ( Was On CD " Cool Down ") And Some Of The Players Didn't Help Him On Baron So i Reported Him For His Behavior And Got Instant Feedback So I Was Like : ( Ha ... Weird ) So i Went And Tried Different Account. * 3. I Used My Friend Account When I Went To Visit Him His Little Sister Who's 16 Was Playing On His Account And She Fed And Got Insulted By Another Summoner Which Made Her Flame Him And Then Rage Quit Which Got Her Brother Account To Get Chat Restricted ... And I Tried To Report A Toxic Player After Legit 1 Game Of Searching And Got No Feedback After 3 Hours Of Waiting While Playing on Ps4 . Now Here's Where Thing's Get's Interesting * 4. I Used His Other Account That He Test's Other Champion's Like Me After Waiting 3 Hour's On His Main Account That Got No Feedback And Went In 2 or 3 Games When I Found A Toxic Player I Reported Him And Guess What ? 2 Min Later Got An Instant Feedback ( Keep In Mind Accounts That Got Feedback Never Had Chat Restriction's Before ) * 5. Tried Another Old Account In EU Nordic & East ( Was My First Account That had Later On Chat Restriction ( Because Of A Master Yi Harassing Us In The Other Team i Called Him A 0 Skill Champion And Called The Garen Player Who Was Also Harassing Us I Told Him Your Champion Is Brain-dead No Skill Champion ) Keep In Mind I Said The Champion But Got Reported For It So I Tried To Report Someone After Logging In It And Nothing Happen No Feedback ... So In Conclusion Whenever You Get Chat Restriction Your Report's May Never Go Through To Riot To Review It Nor Their So Called ( IFS System ) Which Is Totally Broken Keep That In Mind ... To Tell Me Is It Only Me Or Just Our Region Since 7 Of My Friends Tried That Too After They Called What I've Said Nonsense And Later On Once I Proved It To Them. Well Tell Me What You Think Ladie's & Gentlemen's. Have A Nice Day Cx Just A Normal Summoner :3 {{sticker:sg-jinx}} {{sticker:sg-lux}}
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