Hidden Missions

Hello people, today I discovered that one of the best icons has expired 2 days ago, on 11/11. It is confirmed as a hidden mission from League Support Team, and all you had to do was watch 30 videos of the Worlds Tournament, normally in the basic missions in total you had to watch 24 videos, so if someone would watch 6 more, 30 in total, you could get this icon. This is the icon. https://i.imgur.com/46a8SND.jpg I mean, I'm a Teemo main, either you hate him or like him, there are some players that do like him, and this icon is very awesome, Teemo Gamer?! You kidding me? I would pay for this icon, and they added it as a hidden mission that you can no longer get. I'm 99% sure that whatever I do they won't change it, but, please, in the future don't be so dumb and do that again, this generate more hate, like the current one wasn't enough already. And they also told me that the information about how to get this icon was intentionally not shown in news, everything was hidden until you get this icon, so it would be like a "surprise" they said. What can I say, you are already on the road to downhill and with acts like this one people are gonna hate the game more and more. Like I do right now. Yes for an icon. At least expire it when the Worlds loot end, on 3/12 if I'm correct, not in some random day, 11/11 ? For 2 days? For 6 more videos? For real? I'm in depression now, I really am. Just look at him, gamer Teemo. https://i.imgur.com/46a8SND.jpg
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