Is Riot trying to hide how much money we spend?

I tried to go into an old link to see what i have spent to show one of my friends but the old link only seemed to send me to the "Submit a ticket" support page, Has been the usual link that has been posted in several forums but it doesn't work, i also googled for more information to find out how to get back to how much money i have spent on leauge but all the different links sent me to the "Support ticket page". Example of another link that used to work: It would be stupid if they removed the option to view it yourself and made it so you HAVE to submit a ticket and ask riot to see how much money you have spent on the game, the only reason they would do that is that they don't want people to see how much money they spend on the game so people keep spending. If they acctualy removed the option to view it for yourself i am definently going to quit leauge since then they only seem to care about money.
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