I just got banned for MMR boosting , while i never done that.Riot doesn't give me any information.

Please , before calling me a fraud listen to me.Today i got banned for MMR boosting . Obviously none has logged in to my account.This is my profile : http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=Arsenakoz . I contacted the Greek support.What they told me is they cant give any proof to protect the safety of their investigation.I'm really desperate..Is something else i can do? All my prizes will or are gone.. for nothing.How hard is to check the ip addresses and tell me who "boosted" my account. EDIT : After checking the NA boards , i saw a lot of people getting banned for the same reason . Their profile is clean like mine . There is something weird going on.. EDIT 2 : Riot employee checks my case again , still bannable , still no evidence!
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