Watch All-Star Event VOD reward quest

Hello, I'm trying to achieve the quest that requires to log on the website by the link given in the quest description and watch for one replay of the all star 2018 event using VODs. I already watched 1 hour match (5v5) from yesterday, a few 1v1 matches around 15/20 min long each and now watching the 2v2 with faker. Yet It seems I'm not able to achieve the quest and I'm not given the expected avatar Icon. Did I miss something here ? EDIT : 12/09/2018 4:00 PM - SOLUTION !!! OK guys I finally made it ! Of course you have to log on website, that's being said in the quest, but what you actually have to do is first CHECK THE REWARD WEBPAGE then click START to begin your journey. Afterwards, you can load the VOD page and watch any kind of all-star 2018 event video for 10+min and you'll get the icon.
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