Perma Banned - What About Skins?

Well hello there fellow summoners Today I lost again some rankeds and was about to go drop out of plat. I know I kinda flame, but yeah I am the one in these moments who tries to rise moral (I mean not by flaming). So after years of collecting skins: 250+ ( !Not updated! ) I got banned for flaming in rankeds, I understand, but why the hell did I get perma-banned for this? People need to let go sometimes and when you are winning your lane and someone loses his completly and blame you for not doing your job is just sad. Not talking about boosted divers in my elo. I would be happy to get banned from rankeds and let me atleast play sometimes normals with friends. I dont think I will get refund for my skin collection (I would count it to 2500+ €). I would like to hear some answers from riot-senpai. Thanks for reading
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