I'm not connecting to some games after champ select in the past 2 days.

In the last 2 days I played 10 games so far and in 3 of them I couldn't connect to the game even with internet fully functional and stable. I don't get the loading screen, I quit the game to reconnect but I can't open new application and have to manually stop all remaining LoL activities through the task manager and start the game anew and by the time that happens my team remakes and I lose any progression. So far 3 games where I have the leaver status I'm expecting leaverbuster punishment at any moment. Can anyone tell me what the %%%% is going on ? Has been happening ONLY the last 2 days. My laptop hasn't had anything removed/installed in that time. Scanned with malwarebytes + avira antivirus and did repair with the trashcan repair tool aswell.
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