quitting lol

Well as you can see above in the titel i will stop playing league. Im not writing this in hope riot will change it for me but for others. However, there are several reasons why i cannot enjoy this game anymore. Where shall i start? - Balancing Every second week there are patch notes, which should change the gameplay feeling and balancing. At least that what I think patch notes are for. But in this season there we had several champions you couldn't really play unless you counterd another champion and other champions were strong or even are strong for patches. And the most frustrating part is that Riot doesnt even have a dicussion with the comunity about there goals of balancing. - poor designed champions Unless you are not playing one of them you dont like to play against them. This is reffering champions like Yasuo, Akali, Heimerdinger, Irelia, Zoe, Malzahr, Darius etc. They are not all broken by the definition that they have a high win rate and pick rate but they have a serious impact on how you can play the game. And for sure people argue everytime the same. You just need to dodge the E of Zoe. You just need an adc to kill darius. You just need a good jungler or many cc's to kill yasuo. You just need a qss for malzahar. And so on. This is just a poor argument. I say this as a Zoe main. -toxic, trolls, inters and afk In my personal view i dont think that toxic is such a problem. Because if someone is toxic he most likely will get banned. However, the real pain are inter, trolls and those who are going afk. Why is that so? Well you can mute all and wont see what someone is writing, right? But if someone wants to loose the game you cannot really do something. If you go afk, you will be reported. So you have to play game which is a total waste of time. If your jungler goes afk at min 5 on porpose or not you have to play the game at least until min 15. And if you have some idiot in your team who still thinks you can win this you have to play until XXXXmin. Very nice. And, the problem with inters and trolls is that it is hard to define them. For example you have a game with a Zoe mid lane who thinks it would be nice to go a crit build. Now is this already troll? How about picking azir into Xerath? Is this troll already? How can you seperate the one who are doing this on purpose and the one who just dont know it? Well it was great time of my life.
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