Ping increased by 300% overnight?

- Consistently playing at 39 ping for weeks - Three days ago my ping in the game I played was everywhere between 130 and 300 - Since then I've had a constant 96-120 ping. - Nothing on my network has changed, but my Dad's PC has suddenly started disconnecting from the Ethernet, and the only way to reconnect to the internet is to ~~of all things~~ unplug it from the wall, wait 2 minutes, and plug it back in again... - I'm running gigabit to gigabit from my router to my PC (both have gigabit ports and the router and my PC are set up to run at gigabit speeds) so I'm 99% sure it's not my network. - My friends in the same country are only getting like +9 ping above their normal. EDIT: Reseting my router gave me 40ms in a custom game before my PC (coincidentally) restarted. Will report back with further findings
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