14 day suspension rant

My account just got suspended for 14 days, my offence: Calling players garbage,shitty,trash, telling them to uninstall While I do agree that my behaviour was inappropriate I just can't believe that you'd get a 14 day ban for this, sometimes I feel like I'm in kindergarten. Toxic gameplay is barely punished while minor offensive language is punished with an iron fist, let me ask you an honest question, what do you think is worse: A) A jungler that hits the blue buff low life, starts spam pinging it like he wants you to take it just to smite it right in front of your face or B) Someone who calls you a "shitty player" but actually trys to win the game. C) A jungler who pings the enemy midlaner like he wants to gank while waiting in bush just to then afk in bush and watch you die and type (why are you fighting Ahri) D) Someone who tells you you're garbage but actually trys to win the game. It's part of a competitive mindset to become invested, a loss hurts when you focus for 50min, there's only so much provocation I can take, at some point I'm going to become impulsive and ultimately tilted. Yes I could stop playing but honestly I enjoy this game way too much to stop after 1-2 games, if you're seriously going to keep going with this kindergarten "shoot" chat filter I might aswell make a routine out of just blocking all players before the game, if you think no communication is better then okay keep going with it. I'm pretty sure 90% of players got angry at some point, "shoot"even pro players flame once in a while , what was the block button added for, why don't you make players responsible for filtering their chat experience? I think toxic gameplay is way worse, most people are smart enough to assist the enemy team while preventing any restrictions to their accounts, that's something that a player can do nothing about.
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