Bugsplat and Critical error bug.

First of all, I have the old nvidia gtx 650 2gb. AMD athlon 750x 3.4ghz 4x4 ddr3ram. ssd samsung 120 i believe it was. And a hard disc too. I guess i dont need to describe it or put pictures. simply when im playing I get bugsplat. Or If i'm playing 2nd or 3rd game in a row I'm getting that Critical error while on loading screen. After this I have to restart my pc or it wont let me in. And the worst thing is that sometimes it starts downloading/patching/repairing if i'm lucky for 3-4minutes and sometimes 5gb+. Since many team members told me that it's cuz my video card drivers are not updated, while they are, today I put my girlfriend's video card on my pc (Radeon rx 560 4gb) and installed drivers etc, and I still got that critical error issue. I would swap more components but kinda I cant use her ddr4 ram or Ryzen on my motherboard. So if there's someone with the same problem, or someone who solved it without buying a new computer, but maybe a component, pls share your knowledge. Have a nice day all, and i hope this doesnt happen to you.

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