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hello riot yesterday my your shop (sounds funny) has changed and I loved my first your shop in the first I got challenger ahri 30% SALE arcade riven 40% SALE jade fang Cassiopeia 50% SALE project fiora 60% SALE dark star orianna 60% SALE (I wanted this skin so much) mecha kha'zix 70% SALE and now after my your shop has changed I got challenger ahri 20% SALE arcade riven 30% SALE jade fang Cassiopeia 40% SALE atlantean syndra 60% SALE project fiora 60% SALE soulstealer Vladimir 70% SALE I rly wanted to buy the dark star orianna skin and now whan its not in the sale I cant buy this skin. the sale price on the challenger ahri arcade riven and the jade fang Cassiopeia has Decreased and I'm not even playing Vladimir and syndra so the sales on this skins no rly helping me... I'm very sad that my sale of the your shop has changed for this and I will be very glad and happy if u will give me the first sale back or even just the drak star orianna skin sale cus I rly wanted to buy this skin! Ill hope you will give attention to this comment and give my first sale back! ty (:
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