Cant play league, it says i may be offline

Hello, This problem happened recently to me. I play league for years and it never happened. When i try to log in it says i cant log in because i may be offline, bur at that exact moment i'm watching HD videos on YouTube, so my internet is working. Sometimes it the game came back and i manage to log in, but after that i cant hit the "play" button. In the end i only manage to play like 1 in each 10 times i try to play, and while logged in, the play button becomes alive sometimes but it dies a few moments later, it is really strange, because during all that time my internet was working ok, since i was always playing a HD YouTube video to test the connection, and it run smoothly. I know the explanation was a little confusing, but i hope you will understand. Could it be some bug after updating for the 7.9 patch? I downloaded and ran the "Hextech Repair Tool", but it didn't solved my problem. I have this problem for a couple of days by now. Can someone help me out please? Thank you.
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