Middle-East server?

Please. For God's sake. Make us a good Middle-East server. Bahrain. UAE. Saudi Arabia should all be somewhat suitable locations? You have a huge player base of arabs. We are suffering from a minimum of 90 ping. Average of 100-120. It's not impossible. Like at the dota 2 playerbase and CSGO playerbase. We have so many arabs playing these games and at decent pings! I can get down to 9 ping on CSGO! Dubai servers! It's about time you took care of your arab players and helped us. We probably make up at least a quarter of your EU playerbase if not more. Seriously. This ping is way too high. And no. Turkish server is trash. The ping is way higher than EUW. We've been begging for years and I personally see no excuse as other games have dome this and succeeded so there's no reason for Riot to not do it. :/
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