Can't reconnect to the game and it says I'm still in the game after 2 hours.

Is anyone else having this issue? I was able to play 3 games without any problems today, but in the 4th game I started having random disconnections for a few seconds, and I was not the only one having them, since everyone in the chat said it was happening to them too. At the minute 26, the game suddenly stopped and a message appeared saying ''trying to recconect to the game''. I waited for 5 minutes straight, until I got tired and decided to disconnect and close the client in case it could get fixed. But it didn't. Now everytime I log in it says the game is still up and that I'm in the game,even though it's been 2 hours already. It's so frustrating, I just can't do anything else inside the client. Even tried the hextech repairing tool and nothing.
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