Account locked due to "suspicious or fraudulent activity"

Hello Community, on 31. May my account got locked up cause of the reason i wrote above. I opened a ticket, because i dont ever recognized any "suspicious" or "fraudulent" on my account. Until now, noone responded to my ticket, my account is still locked, i dont know even why. Did anyone here had the same problem or can tell me what the %%%% suspicious and/or fraudulent behavior mean? I never shared my account with anyone, the only thing is, i travel a lot cause of my work and often play from hotels/airports. Is this the problem or what the hell is going on. And why riot takes six days and still no answer? I have tried to talk with riot support via chat, and they just tell me their colleagues get in touch with me "soon". Thats 3 days ago. I am getting really pissed off now, because noone tells me anything what the hell is going on. Thanks in advance!
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