[Resolved] Bulgaria/Romania - Connectivity Issues

#Update: 9th July 2017 Hey all! We're hoping this lines up with what you guys are seeing, but the amount of reports of issues have dropped rapidly, and from checking in with some of our players - things seem a lot healthier. At this point we're going to consider this one resolved as a larger incident. If you continue to experience problems, please [contact support](https://support.leagueoflegends.com) for 1:1 troubleshooting. If you already have a ticket, please bump it to let our support guys know you're still having problems. Thank you all for your assistance in digging deeper into this issue! --- _Helps if I enable commenting_ {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Edit: July 6th: I see there are some new threads popping up about this problem returning. I need some information: Please answer these questions in the comments area below. Any other comments will be deleted to keep the information clear. * Were you impacted a few days ago with the connectivity issue? [Yes|No] * Did the issue clear up for 2-3 days and has now returned? [Yes|No] Reason for these questions: I need to understand if this is a recurrence of the previous issue, or if it's a new issue that's similar. Thanks for your patience while we investigate. These types of problems are a challenge, as there are many pieces in the path between your computer and Riot servers. We only have visibility and control of a part of that overall path, so we need your help in getting info around the other pieces. ------------ ------------ _Edit: Update 5th July:_ _At this point we consider the issues in Slovenia resolved - Telekom Slovenia have adjusted their routing, and players are reporting a much better experience :-)_ _Original Post_ _Hey everyone,_ _We're continuing to investigate the issues with Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania and surrounding regions experiencing connectivity issues - both Login/Client and ingame._ _If you are experiencing these issues, can you please fill in [THIS SURVEY](https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/3679372/In-game-and-Client-Issues) with further details on your issue? We are currently trying to aggregate this information to look for commonalities._ _We appreciate your assistance in providing this information!_ _Commenting on this thread has been disabled to prevent it going off topic, but we are continuing to monitor all threads about this problem._
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