Account suspended for no reason?

I liturally started 2 play on my old acc , i leveled it up with double xp boost ,. i wasted around 40 dollars on it, i played bots MYSELF, with tp smite and got fast xp. I got to level 30 and i started playing ranked. i bought the beast hunter draven and then after 3 wins out of 3 games in ranked with draven i was going to buy pool party draven with the rp you see in the picture. but i had to go 2 the gym first. When i came back i saw this on my screen and wondered how on earth my account was worth suspending? Is it illegal to have more than 1 account? im not smurfing since i will go higher than my main rank on this account. I sent a ticket to riot support but what if the bots at riot will say i wont get my account back, what will happen then? i wasted 40 or 50 dollars on this account. its a shame i cant enjoy the game without something negative hapenning and ruining my day. please help me , thanks!
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