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A letter to Riot
Dear Riot As someone who started playing League before season 1, I guess this is all to be expected. The EU west server has never been stable, and that is fair enough, but as of late playing on the server has become unbearable.
hey guys i just wanted to make this post to tell you that i am done playing league and i will find another game to play after suffering a whole month of making discussions which doesn't get any attention at all from anyone.A 3000+ hours player isn't being heard by anyone in the boards or helped.so i was looking around to see what other people are suffering and riot aren't helping as well and i found this letter.you can say i am that guy but i started in mid season 4 and i didn't spend much money on rp since i belive in the logic that skins won't get you elo or get you better at the game.you can check the nice guy's letter and see for yourself what i am feeling. thanks for reading this and i hope you have a wonderful day. peace.
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