LOL In-Game client is somehow interfering with my internet connection

During summer I'm back in my hometown with worse than my usual internet and I'm playing with 73 MS ping and everything is okay, getting lag rarely. So whole summer was okay until mid August. Sometimes the game starts normally and like on minute 12 my ping just hops to 170 or more and consistently stays there. It is impossible to play. I suspected my internet provider to be having some issues but when this scenario happened second and third time (just now) I started suspecting the client and here's why: I haven't played LOL for 2 days and my internet was good. Today I started a game first 10 mins are okay and then the lag started again. I checked how quickly my browser loads up pages and it was quite slow or didn't load at all. Skype showed the reconnecting icon too. But such things only happen while playing LOL. Anyone had this issue as well? Is there any known fix?
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