Laptop crashes

hey. I have an Issue with my laptop. every time I play League my laptop crashes at the first or second game. I've performed numerous System Restores but they don't seem to help. everything else runs fine it's just League that causes my laptop to crash. Some times it's a blue screen and sometimes it just trips, green stripes random in my screen etc. (I've had BSOD's but fixed them with System Restore, it appeared to be working fine afterwards but some time later, around a week or two my pc went ape-shit again) I'm very close at the point to just toss my laptop out of the windows 'cause this pisses me off. I don't want to get banned for "AFK/Leaving games" because my laptop decides to take a nap. as for my laptop I have a HP Pavillion 17 Notebook, not really a game laptop but still able to play league at least? (obviously not any more) anyone any ideas how to solve this problem? and personally I don't think just re-installing league will help.
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