Riots Punish System is Ridiculous

Game 1 Pre-Game PjX: hi In-Game PjX: 3 stacks :)) PjX: yi going bot PjX: yi ganked once PjX: and akali won the lane from that gank PjX: ty rengar PjX: u took mid lane farm PjX: not the onces under tower PjX: have it ur way PjX: rengar is flaming all game PjX: he came mid twice PjX: 2 times to take farm PjX: 1 to die PjX: so rengar saying " ur %%%%%%ed" is not flaming ? PjX: what did i say morgana? PjX: how i flamed him? PjX: tell me and i will even apologise PjX: i dont care about turret PjX: u stole PjX: 2 camps before that PjX: waves* PjX: ur blue PjX: malph PjX: nvm PjX: negative attitude is punished in game rengar PjX: because i want to PjX: xD PjX: TOP PjX: see PjX: now nobody plays PjX: because of u PjX: gj buddy PjX: who stole my mid lane farm? PjX: i do PjX: why cant i take his farm then PjX: come akali PjX: i was 0/0 in mid lane PjX: rengar died once PjX: and stole 2 waves PjX: FULL waves PjX: since then im dieing PjX: i wasnt feeding PjX: i dont care about him dieing in my lane PjX: but why would he take farm PjX: why would he do that to his teammate PjX: thats why players like rengar deserve PjX: intentional defeat PjX: muted btw PjX: xD PjX: u disresopect ur teammates PjX: they lose ur games PjX: learn what TEAM means PjX: morgana u too PjX: false report = nothing PjX: i havent flamed anyone PjX: what did i say PjX: tell me the first 28 minutes how did i flame anyone in this team PjX: silenced? PjX: suddenly morgana has nothing to say PjX: because she knows i did not flame anyone PjX: all i did was ask rengar not to take farm PjX: he said twice "ur %%%%%%ed" PjX: rengar come blue PjX: i leash PjX: rengar PjX: just tell me PjX: why PjX: i only want to know why PjX: i lost interest in the game PjX: not enjoyable PjX: when everyone flames me PjX: and i havent flamed anyone PjX: u do too obviously PjX: team? PjX: no its not PjX: "behind every player there is a real person" PjX: if i am a kid what it makes u who is cursing and talking shit to a kid PjX: i could be 8 years old PjX: and u curse a kid PjX: they stil mean nothing PjX: i havent said anything bad about anyone PjX: and didnt even call anyone to report u PjX: why PjX: thats not xD PjX: thats not a reason for ban or report PjX: u did the same in mid lane PjX: hmmm PjX: that is instantly 14 days PjX: skipping every chat restriction PjX: good job PjX: if u go 5v5 mid u finish PjX: failed smite xD PjX: gg wp Game 3 Pre-Game PjX: ADC PjX: ADC PjX: ADC In-Game PjX: the begining is shit PjX: u2 PjX: chill PjX: its only a normal PjX: old nunu was far better than new PjX: watch map PjX: nah PjX: i wont play with katarina sup PjX: its different PjX: u can support a teammate PjX: i will not be able to farm in bot lane PjX: she flames me in polish PjX: no need to PjX: she cant make me amd PjX: mad PjX: idc PjX: thats not what i ment PjX: at least i dont flame PjX: thats not true PjX: nunu said it himself PjX: its a "normal" PjX: when u said tf is adc with tp PjX: for fun =/= not interested in winning or losing PjX: im not inting PjX: watch before u talk PjX: thresh u are either drunk or stuck in silver for more than enough PjX: saying i have a chance with kata as support PjX: delusional thresh PjX: u see that PjX: u say i take the fun from them PjX: jokes? PjX: he spam that shit since before minions spawn PjX: xD PjX: xD PjX: BOOM SHAKALAKA PjX: RIP NUNU AND WILLUMP PjX: chill nunu its only a normal PjX: play for "fun" remember? PjX: lee PjX: u won my honor PjX: xD Game 1 rengar came to mid, tower dive akali and he died then he got mad and came back to take farm from me like it was my fault so i took his raptors he went mid again and took even more farm and started flaming me for some reason morgana joined him at this point i only died once to akali and they both started calling me a %%%%%%ed feeder and other stuff like that **FEW MINUTES BEFORE THE GAME ENDED RENGAR TOLD ME TO JUMP FROM A WINDOW** but i didnt answer to that cause i dont have to and thats how the entire game went pretty much Game 2 Katarina went bot support i went mid with Lee Sin and we played both there without having anyone to flame us NOBODY WAS FLAMING ME AND I DID NOT FLAME ANYBODY Nunu from our team was running it down and spam "END IT OPEN MID THOSE %%%%%%S DONT FF" NOBODY ELSE WOULD SAY ANYTHING BAD EXCEPT NUNU WE DIDNT EVEN FLAME NUNU FFS PS: yes i get mad when jungler steals farm from my lane i dont care if he dies in my lane but taking my farm just triggers me ALL i did there was talk A LOT i know thats bad but why i got chat restricted for "verbal abuse" i wasnt abusing anyone they were abusing me and i am the one that gets punished RIOTS PUNISHMENT SYSTEM IS JUST RIDICULOUS
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