I got banned for this. Fair or Unfair. You tell me.

Here are logs : 14 Day Behavior Suspension Whyyoulose, You have received a 14 day ban following an extensive audit of in-game behavior within recent League of Legends matches. Your peers judged your behavior to be far below the standards of the League of Legends community. Think through the conversation and reflect on your words. League is an intense, competitive game, but every player deserves respect. Read more about the effort to encourage sportsmanlike play, here. Here are some chat logs that were identified as negative by other players in the community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ early game or late game? ---> **Me and Another player speaking he told me to go tank** fucking kidding me? --> **internet lag and i walked into fiora and died (somehow she blocked me from walking forward)** you guys saw that? league is so dumb sometimes. ->>** Referring to bugs in game.** you got lucky for some reason the stupid game lagged and i got blocked while walking xD -->** talking in all chat with enemy fiora** im fucked. fiora is too op ---> **this kind of language is allowed.** top is warded yi thanks for the help <3 ---> **Being supportive towards YI** mad thanks to you bro :) yi i warded neemy blue --> **me being supportive to our jungler who was master yi. I warded enemy blue for him.** yi please help mid. i know orianna is playing stupid but dont lose this game cause of her --> **trying to sort the situation out between yi flaming at orianna.** fiora. check bush ^_^ shit... ---> I died. use smite... yi.. use smite slow down. fuuuck... gg. game i lost look at our teams score. this shit orianna. ---> **She started trolling the whole team and left me and chogath to die.** omg... yo im reporting her. ---> **Situation gets heated after orianna keeps on trolling.** fuck that shit.... ---> talking to myself in chat me and chogath in middle of fight. this bitch comes in 4 seconds late , didnt even notice us fighting. --->**Only insult in the whole game directed towards orianna who was trolling.** mF FUCK OFF MY LANE ---> **MF started to also troll and was going 0/6 early game. Kept coming top lane instead of pushing bot even tho we all were pinging her to go back and go bot.** go on bot and push feeding noob. ---> **she calls me a noob , i responded with that.** so close... MF try to get some kills and carry this game. ----> ** i calm down and try to be supportive towards MF.** this team. holy shit. am i playing with a division lower then bronze or some shit? wood tier? report Miss fortune please for being super tocix. ----->** She starts to flame yi and me.** toxic* lol yi are you serious? ----> **Yi was on a 1 v1 fight and i was behind a wall , at the time i was looking over top lane while i was near blue bot and i didnt see yi struggling and he died . Then he starts to rage and flame and write in all chat false statments such as report trolling Shaco (me).** you turn your back on me cause i didnt see you? ----> **Here i'm criticizing Yi about taking Mf's side (who was trolling and feeding).** wow. nice job %%%got, just realize that i was the only lane who had kills early game. --->** At this point MF and Yi were insulting me in team chat and making false claims about me in all chat saying i'm trolling when in reality they were. and all others ganks u did on other lanes failed and u died. this team full of toxic players and liars. --> ** Orianna trolling , Yi lying , MF trolling and lying** gg. might as well go afk. --> ** i get pissed but i still dont go afk** these guys wont make it past bronze xD want penta? ---> **Udyr gets a quadra and we were losing bad so i decide to give him a penta since the team full of trolls spammed PENTA PENTA! ** good job :) np bro. this team is full of toxic players either ways. i dont want to win honestly. these guys are flamers and liars. ---> **I get sad due to the players behaviour** so please just finish fast. he is lying tho. i didnt flame at all xD good thing league has logs. this is gonna be hilarious. gg wp. ~~~~~~~ I wrote ----> a arrow symbol that explains the situation. Now let me make this CLEAR. I'm not saying i didn't do a mistake BUT i only directed a insult towards a player once or twice and that was due to trolling and feeding and the troll trying to get a reaction out of me , which he succeded. But i'd say....Why would riot ban me for 14 days over something this small? As you can see i even try to be supportive later in game and try to keep calm. Please tell me what to do? I am seriously sorry for insulting but i tried my best keeping calm and i tilted a bit but STILL. It wasn't SO BAD compared to what others do and how others direct insults. All i wanted was to win and play a fair game and believe me i dont flame if its a fair loss. For example if enemy team is just better and my team did our best and we lost. That's totally normal. But this case was different , i had 2 trolls and 1 toxic player on my team. I have also Decided to remove the league chat completly from the game by writing a command in the cfg file. I will be able to see their chats but not respond.
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