People get away with lane stealing?

So I moved to League of legends's EU West server from Garena last week and there are some glaring issues with the community here. Not going to rant much as this isn't a straight out complaint even though most people don't give two hoots about trollers and spammers considering how many of them get away with it. Holy cow, I'd imagine Garena's Singapore server was toxic but this place has no competition. You've got trollers, people asking others to suicide in chat, and lane stealers everywhere. Far more so than Garena had. And of the last three matches, the people here in casuals seem to have absolutely no sense of lane discipline. I've had sitting ducks during champ select raid my lane and sit there and feed throughout the match with little consideration for what's going out. And reporting them doesn't seem to have made a difference as I've found them playing in another match a day later. Is lane stealing even considered a bannable offence? And if not, why is a crucial element such as this ignored? I've loved the game so far but if this is how immature the community is going to be, then I may just quit playing the game, despite how much I like teh mechanics here. The more I stick around the community makes me feel like I'm wasting my self respect on a hobby.
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